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Human Pups – London Pride 2015

London Pride 2015 – Parade Photos and Portraits
Human Pups, Human Kittens – fetish fantasy in London streets – photography from the annual march in London.

The origins of animal roleplay and petplay are probably various and diverse, again depending upon the participants involved. However, its origins are certainly influenced by costuming, fiction, myth and legend, roleplay and psychodrama in their various aspects. Some of the earliest published images of animal play (especially pony play) are to be found in the work of John Willie, primarily in Bizarre magazine published from 1946 to 1959.

A puppy or dog is a human pet. It can be a male or female who identifies closely with real biological pups/dogs and lets go their human inhibitions and stress to embrace their animal instinct. They live in the moment, their entire existence revolves around getting a pat on the head, being told they are a good puppy, exploring anything and everything that looks interesting or fun, even if it’s sniffing someone in public. A pup/dog may take on the persona of a biological canine to varying degrees from being on all fours chasing balls and barking instead of talking to only taking on the personality of a pup/dog but retaining their human abilities.

For many it’s just a type of role playing but for others it’s a part of their inner spirit,it’s who they are whether in pup gear or not.

*** Human Pups *** Human Kittens ***

Human Kitten – a variation of Human Pups with leather outfit, leather of rubbers style mask and accessories of animal pets. Portrait from London Pride 2015 Parade, Street Photography series – London

Here & There in 2015

Recent photography & creative art works
A few photos from my recent works in the year 2015 …

Spring 2015 – London Black and White art series from the awakening countryside and parks in England.
Paris – Art photography in black and white with distctint statues of young boys being tigh by chain around theirs neck. Left one has nose stacked with plaster. Artist sees a representation of rich and poor enslaved by Bohemic ideas and time bringing ages of deterioration. From cycle Paris 2013. Click on the photo if you wish to purchase a postcard.


Amazing graffiti of a Soldier carrying teady bear and holding hand of a Kid with riffle over his back and automatic weapon in his other hand. Both walking towards bright coloured horison (original). BW version re-worked. London – Camben Town (2015) street art – from the street walks series.


Addition to ongoing portrait series “UnMask – The Play of our perception”
girl in the mask
* * * * *
Venice – Night photography of Venice with view dominant of the Gondola boat tied between wooden poles and church on the island lit at night. Click on the photo if you wish to purchase a postcard.
Barcelona & couple engaged in fun exercise on the beach with dramatic sky, beach and sea.

Man with antlers & London Art

Young man in suit, wearing antlers walking streets of central London with book of Kafka in his hand. London street photography. In the office based area around Bank station had this young artist joined crowd of men in suit, slowly walking towards Oxford Circus and engaging in conversation with passers-by, who were not afraid to approach. While quoting following text, he was sharing with “brave” approaching people … he certainly raised smiles on many otherwise serious and busy looking faces. One of the reasons for his eccentric approach was to engage in conversation with complete strangers.

Men with Antlers & London performance art

Quote (text from card supplied by artist):
“the animal proposes to the human by indicating … means of escape
that the human would never have thought of by himself”
(Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari 1987)

Bank of England & Man in suit with Antlers


Antler Man in suit engagement with passers by…

Barcelona & Street Dancers

Street dancers in Barcelona (Spain) 2013. Group of young dancers performing for public in the old town near citadel. Showing some pretty good work in cheerful atmosphere.

Barcelona is one of the favorite spots for street performances such as music, flamenco dancing or “street dance” shows. Not only due to its mild weather, beautiful beach or high volume of passing tourists. It’s connected to the local lifestyle, popular with exercise, wide circles of friends, alternative life approach (like Yoga, Buddhism, Taichi) ….