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Early Spring Outdoors

Beskydy Mountains & North Moravia region

Passing winter, patches of snow and slowly awakening nature in mountain region of Beskydy, North Moravia is theme for series of black and white photography – Nature Awakening.

“Like from a dream, I watch in passing 
   like from the shadows of frozen land
    not only pain, but fire of passion I’ve seen 
      in new and old, … from depths within.” 

Early Spring with patches of snow in the Beskydy mountains. Detail of the hill with all large trees cut out and large tree stumps left behind to magnify feel of human influance on nature. Reminder of destruction and growth (represented by young trees on the horison). From art photography series – Beskydy
Old Church in early Spring with tree just starting to wake up from winter and snow patches between large tree stumps highlights atmospheare of growth and destruction. From cycle, Beskydy mountains in BW art photography.
Jesus Christ nailed to the cross in black and white art photography. Beskydy mountains, traditional folk art.